February 2011 - Jennifer and family were visiting the area, liked it, and wondered to themselves if a house in the area was in their future.

They did some research, found what seemed like a great location, and signed the papers.

That's when the rest of the fun began. After a couple of delays (my how the loan approval process has changed in the last 6 years), the house was finally ready in time for April Fools day. We actually pinched each other to make sure it was real!

Twisted Oaks

Jennifer and the girls spent their first couple of weeks in Twisted Oaks soon thereafter - coordinating furniture delivery, cable installation, etc. You name it, Jen took care of it (poor husband was only able to come on the weekends!). And now for the good news, since Jennifer took care of all the start up work, no one else ever will have to!

What does everyone enjoy most about their home? Spending quality time together and playing in the sand. Also, walking and biking and running on the trails AND the beach! Walking just over the dune line and watching the sun come up - it will set fire in the root of your soul.

All in the family are adamant beach-goers, and insist every time that we build a sand castle that is twice as large as the last.

We thank you for your interest in our home!

2018 Twisted Oaks - Kiawah